We are excited to have you as an exhibitor at SETT 2019!

Below you will find inportant information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: sett@easyfairs.com

Visiting address:
Mässgatan 6
216 23 Malmö

The show venue is a workplace, large trucks are moving on the floor and for this reason it is not permitted for children under 16 staying in the show venue during moving in and out. Please take care of your children and respect our forklift drivers. Thank you for your understanding!

The show is a trade show and the age limit is 18 years. Proof of age may be required along with business cards at the entrance. The show is not open for students.

Cleaning the stand is not included in the price. Your stand is being cleaned the night before the show starts and after the first show day is finished.

You will find a manned cloak room by the entrance of the show venue.

If you wish to rent a conference room, please contact Josefin Solvang, +46 (0)40-631 63 27.

During an ongoing show, goods can be delivered no later than 1 hour before the show starts. If you need storage facilities for goods during the show, you place the order from Malmö Mäss-service when you have moved in. It is possible to deliver goods from Wednesday, October 9th, weekdays between 8am-4pm.

There are forklift service available when you move in, the cost depends on what you need help with and the charges are placed on an invoice after the show.

Delivery address*
Company name and stand number
Contact person (at your company)
Mässgatan 6
SE-215 32 Malmö

Delivery contact:
Li Mellberg
040-642 99 26


*Make sure you label your goods with show name, company name and stand number to be bale to find your goods in your stand upon your arrival.

NOTE! It is forbidden to start dismantling any stand before 4pm on the last show day. The stand has to be manned until that time. If your stand is found empty or dismantling has started during the shows´ opening hours, a fine of 10.000SEK can be issued.

If you wish to hav electricity for longer than 4 pm on the last day of the exhibition, please notify Mäss-Service. If you wish to have over-night electricity, order this in connection with the regular electricity orders.

You are responsible of prinitng out your exhibit cars/name plates before coming to the fair via this link: http://www.trippus.net/SETTSYD2019/utstallare

Everyone who enters the show venue must have an exhibitor card, this is for your own safety. The name plates must be worn by the staff who will work at your booth, throughout the trade fair and during moving in and out of the venue. 

We have an exhibitor/speakers lounge where you as an exhibitor have the opportunity to rest your feet and have a cup of coffee.

Smoking and open fire is strictly forbidden in the venue. NB! All material used for decoration in the stands must be fire resistent. You need to have good ventilation in your stand if you are to cook or preform any similar activity. If you have any questions please contact the technical department. We have automatic fire alarms in our venues, which means that the smoke detectors are very sensitive. Fire alarms caused by exhibitors will be charged.

Gas cylinders and flammable fluids may not be stored in the stand overnight. Bottled gas shall be clearly marked with stand number and placed in the aisle outside the stand when the show closes at night. It will then be removed for overnight storage. If you wish to have any kind of gas cylinders or bottles in your stand you must notify Josefine Solvang: +46 (0) 40- 631 63 27.

We recommend that you stay at the Malmö Arena Hotel, which is opposite to the fair. Alternatively, at Quality Hotel View or Scandic Triangeln as it is located in Hyllie, on the station Square (3 min walk from Malmömässan).

BW Malmö Arena Hotel

Quality Hotel View

Scandic Triangeln

Malmömässan offers booklets with 10 lunch vouchers for 1050 SEK. For invoicing, a pre-order of coupons is required to kuponger@malmomr.se, individual lunches or coupons are not invoiced. The coupons can also be paid by card or cash on site.

We can offer internet/wifi. Contact Malmö Mäss-Service to order.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared marketing material that you can use in social media, in newsletters and on your website. You will find banners in various formats, stamps for print ads, mail footer that you can add to your mail signature and images with only the logo for social media posts if you click here!

Do you have activities in your booth during the fair? At SETT SYD, we have no printed program as we follow our guidelines and fight for a climate-smart society with as little environmental impact as possible. Therefore, it is important that you in your exhibitor profile on the website update information with activities that takes place in the booth to attract more visitors and future leads. For this reason, it is extremely important that you disseminate information yourself in your social media, in newsletters and through your website.

The maximum structure height is 2,5 m, it is not allowed for any structure to exceed this measurement without permission. Please contact Mäss-Service li@mass-service.se for higher stand buildings, no later than September 27th.

You can order interior design to your stand by Malmö Mäss-Service. Please prepare your booth planning and ordering of the interior design well in time. After September 24th, 25% extra of the price will charged on orders and during the moving in day a 50% will be added to the order bookings. Orders can be placed though:
Li Mellberg
+46 (0)40-642 99 26


Mäss-Service can help you with technical questions and stand construction and they are located inside the show venue. Here you can make additional orders of fitting material/equipment.
Opening hours:
Tuesday October 15th at 07.00-20.00
Wednesday October 16th at 07.00-17.00
Thursday October 17th at 07.00-22.00

On Tuesday October 15th at 07.00-20.00

If you wish to move in later than 8pm, you can do that for a cost of 2000 SEK/stand. This must be reported  to Malmö Mäss-Service well in advance.

Thursday October 17th 16.00-22.00

Doors and gates will open as soon as empty transport packages has been removed. Please note that you can start moving out at the earliest approximately 30 minutes after the show closing. Please keep the aisles free until 4.30pm! Thanks in advance for your patience. Pre-packed and labeled goods can be collected until 4pm, October 18th.

Wednesday October 16th: 08.30-16.30
Thursday October 17th: 08.30-16.00

Parking meters are found in the parking area. International credit cards are only accepted at the parking lot closest to the show (T0).

Notice that we do not have a Post Office or Bank on the premises. Think of this when it comes to change and your possibility of being able to charge your customers by credit card. The closest  ATM is found approximately 3 minutes walking distance from the venue.

Citytunneln, the local metro, runs continuously from the Central Station and Triangeln and stops just outside of MalmöMässan (Hyllie Station). In addition, the local buses no 6,7 and 33 run every 7 minutes from the city centre and the central station and stops outside the venue as well.

All kind of recording must be approved by the Easyfairs project team.

Clean stand walls from staples, pins, tape, etc. If this is not done, Malmö Mäss-service will charge hourly. If you have painted the walls, Malmö Mäss-service will also charge the cost of restoring them to the original condition.

We have security that makes sure everything works smoothly during the show and at night, but we do not take any responsibility for objects on display. You can order additional surveillance at Malmö Mäss-Service.

Smoking is only allowed outside.

For travelling by taxi in Malmö, we recommend the following taxi companies:
Taxi Kurir, +46 (0)40-70 000
Taxi 97, +46 (0)40-97 97 97

During the ”moving in and out”- period there are a lot of people in the venue. Don´t leave any goods out of sight and make sure you have your insurance in order!