Changing learning perspective thru the use of mobile technology

Allmänna lärar- och pedagogspåret, Grundskola

2017-10-30 14:30 – 15:15


At Søndervangskolen in Aarhus mobile technology goes hand in hand with the structure and organization of the school buildings. I have during my time at the school become an ADE, and I have taught primarily Danish and history at Søndervangskolen for four years. During that period of time the school has developed into a 1:1 iPad school while simultaneously going through considerable and widespread structural changes of the learning and teaching environment. My presentation will explain and demonstrate how these groundbreaking technological and environmental changes of the school has changed my way of teaching as well as my personal pedagogical development. Hopefully my story will inspire other teachers and leaders to go all in on the mobile technology as well as their learning and teaching environment.